The Elder Scrolls: Online

You hear a lot when people talk about The Elder Scrolls Online; some people love it and some people absolutely hate it. I for one am in love with the Elder Scrolls series and jumped at the opportunity to buy the game – even though it has been years since release; I was just a little late to the party.

This is for anyone who does not know if they should join the massive online gaming community; those unsure like me. When I got the game it was amazing, I would wait until I was finished work every single day and come home just to play it. The only person who wasn’t enjoying the game was my girlfriend when she started noticing the very long pauses in our iMessage conversations. Soon the hours turned into days and the days turned into weeks and those weeks turned into maybe one month; then nothing. I put the game down once and never picked it back up; I tried, I honestly did, but I just couldn’t muster up the want to actually play it. The problem with online games like this is that there is no end game, there is nothing to accomplish past the daily grind. It all just became boring and nothing seemed to have any point to it in the game.

Everyone has read the reviews of it on Steam and popular gaming websites; what they all say is that the game is nothing like Skyrim – it isn’t online Skyrim. I apologize to all my friends, who upon purchasing the game I told that the game was like online Skyrim – which is what it appears to be at first. At first you are thrown into a world you know you are going to explore and enjoy, but the problem is that it really isn’t; the places you go are not so much additions to the world map but levels in the game. Once one area has been completed then the character is to just move on to the next one until you complete it and do it all over again at a harder difficulty and engage in Player versus Player battles online.

The combat in the game is great and very similar to that of Skyrim; except with the added addition of MMORPG elements in the number bar instead of basic spells being used with the right hand mouse button. An online Skyrim is what we all hoped for, and once the player is thrown into the icy world of Storm haven at the beginning of the game, we really feel like we are in Skyrim, but in the end it is all just an illusion. As the game goes on all it turns into is a replay of the same daily grind every day, which ultimately defeats the glamour of the game or even the idea of the game to start with. The hype was too much and the punch was very weak, I am honestly disappointed in my purchase and I did end up selling my account; I figured there may be someone out there who enjoys games that aren’t really fun for a long time considering that there are some extremely high-level players online.

Speaking of not fun – wait, as you (the reader) can tell now; what has started with completely innocent banter about a popular online game, which started with positive comments has now become shit talk. Shit talk is what my section of the blog is all about and I felt the need to introduce my readers slowly into this. My part in the whole scheme of things is basically to talk about what I absolutely fucking love about games and what I hate about them – sometimes I have only one and sometimes I have both; it all really depends on how good the game is. You will probably see a lot more hating than liking because if I buy a game and its shit – the guarantee is that I am most likely to rant about it. On here I will also be doing honest reviews, but this is my fun section here.

Anyways back to the game at hand here; speaking of not fun – the multiplayer. This was going to be an awesome feature of the game and in my mind maybe they were going to bring back some memories of the old Elder Scrolls: Arena game and have full on round-by-round fights that make me think of the early days in Fable. Maybe this was just my expectation, but I found it overall pretty disappointing; in the end all you play is shitty capture the flag games with the Elder Scrolls – because that’s just what people do with fucking pieces of paper that can turn back time and all that good stuff. The online map of Cyrodil is way too empty and lifeless, with the only major attractions being other people and other fortresses that are a very long boring walk away. Once one reaches level 10, they get told they can enter Cyrodil and get involved in the PvP aspect of the game – this is an extremely poor choice. The levels and missions are not straightforward and also extremely hard, most of the people online are veteran players and will kill you in an instant. This is the same with the Imperial City expansion, in which I was extremely excited about. For this I decided to invest some more money into the game to see if the first expansion could live up to the hype, but it didn’t. The world is full of extremely high level enemies and even higher level players with nothing to do for anyone of a lower rank. As a player who was trying to find fun in a game that seemed to fail him in almost every aspect, I thought the addition of some Oblivion nostalgia would be a nice touch. It is too bad all the content I would have ever liked to play was completely out of reach and I would have to grind for hours upon fucking hours to get there – which I wasn’t prepared to do as I was secretly expecting a letdown like the rest of the game.

In the end, the graphics are amazing and extremely well optimized – if played on low graphics then even the shittiest computer could play it and when played on high it really does look fucking beautiful. The atmosphere has a very ‘Elder-Scrollsy’ vibe to it, yet it is not like any Elder Scrolls you have ever played before and please be aware of that; this is neither a positive or a negative remark. I am a fan of Elder Scrolls firsthand and a fan of MMORPG’s second-hand; I feel like if those were reversed then maybe you would have enjoyed this game more than I did. That being said, without being a massive Elder Scrolls fan then this game is just a regular RPG and I guess you would be better sticking with something that is just as generic like World of Warcraft, because it has a lot more to it and it way better made with an enormous community. This game was a disappointment and I hope you saved your $20-$50 depending on where you bought it from!

This is SkullCandyy with your Monday Sh!t Talk.

Stay tuned for next week!

The Elder Scrolls Online


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