Counter Strike: Global Offensive

I thought it would be a good idea to do a game I actually like and enjoy for my second Shit Talk. After the Elder Scrolls: Online talk, I thought it may be beneficial to put the reason why I actually stopped playing the game in the end. You see, as good as the game was – the only urge it gave me was to shoot up a bunch of motherfuckers, since the game is almost entirely sword based. The game I turned to was good old Counter-Strike. I hadn’t played in a while and I was only like Silver 3 rank when I decided to get back into it; for all those who are interested, this is when my life ended. Going up the ranks and seeing how many headshots I could get became my soul focus in life; this was what happened day after day. I would put in all my effort to become the top fragger (top of the leader board) for all the games I played and then as soon as I did that; I would go up a rank. As amazing as going up the ranks is, it also unleashes you to a new swarm of unseen opponents who test your entire self-confidence and self-worth. This is just the way that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is, and it is definitely not for newbies.

The fact of the matter is that the community is toxic, and for some reason you get paired with people whose skills don’t even nearly match yours and because of this fact, I get called a hacker and a smurf (high level player, either joining a lobby with a lower level player to get into lower level games or they have created a new account just to play with people they can fuck right up the ass) on nearly every server I go onto. Once this kind of heat is on your back and you are carrying the entire team – you have to keep this masquerade going for the rest of the game. One fuck up or one missed kill will lead to your entire team calling you a piece of shit – even though they have half as many kills as you and start each round by getting the dak dak (probably the easiest to use, most overpowered weapon in the game).

I am not criticising the game for what it is because I am a part of this toxic community and I have the great understanding of both sides of the argument as I am not so innocent myself. Although every now and again I may top frag, I usually end up shoving it in the face of my team and tell them to get good; on my bad days I bottom frag and use every excuse necessary to excuse such an outrage. The game itself is not for newcomers and they are treated like dirt shit when they first come onto the game; especially if the player has come from a game similar to Call of Duty where the enemies die in two seconds and when you spray the recoil is non-existent. Counter-Strike is fucking hard and I would not have re-joined the community if I had not originally played Source (the previous model of the game) and gotten the gist of how it works in even the slightest. To say I played source a lot would be lying, I probably only got 100 hours on steam (or 99 as it tells me), but I also played Garry’s Mod – which has similar physics. As Garry’s Mod plays off of the source and requires Source in all its glory, the physics and the weapons are generally the same (especially in game modes like Trouble in Terrorist Town and Role-Playing).

In the end, everything this game is, is just pure amazing. I love it despite the fucking toxic community which I call my online family. It is a great game to play, but you should probably have a friend to introduce you to the game and it’s mechanics before you play too much online and getting pre-pubescent teenagers squealing at you in their only slightly broken girls voice. It really is an amazing game and I am sure I will talk about it more here on Shit Talk.


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