Chelsea RPG Maker Game Review

Yurei Darling Studio brings to us a yet another RPG Indie Horror Maker Game. One that keeps us on the edge of our chairs in suspence and makes us want to cry in the end as all good RPG Horror stories do. Chelsea tells us a story of a man named Daniel who to ask his girlfriend for her hand in marriage. But one little problem. He has lost the engagement ring at his old childhood town. A town that seems to have been abandond long ago, where things are not as they seem. His love for Chelsea is tested as he roams around the town in which he grew up and where his love for his soon-to-be fiance once started. In search of the ring he must solve countless puzzles and face things that go bump in the night. He also has to deal with the occasional run in of a misterious man who tells him somewhat cryotec messages


and after all that drama, comes the emotional plot twist at the end that everyone is expecting yet has no idea what to expect. In the end when he found the ring he left to go find Chelsea in the old church hey used to go to to propose to her only to find out as he saw her cry and talk as if he wasnt there that he was in fact dead yet hadnt passed on to the other side which explains the ‘so called’ desserted town and the spirites tha he had encountered along the way. He also found out that the mysterious man that he keeps running into is in fact death who was there to take him to the other side.


The graphics of the game is your typical RPG Indie Horror Maker style birds eye view screen with basic yet very detailed settings with enough shadow and light to help set the mood or feel of the game and situation. What also helps give you that creepy feeling in the game is the archetecture, agriculture, simple detailing such as a clean room or a messy room and of course music. combine dark, empty places with things left behind, dead grass and leafless trees, and fog gives you an atmosphere and feeling where something isnt right then add the creepy yet somewhat calm music that gives you a suspensful feeling that something is gonna happen at some point.


I actually happen to like this game. Its short but gets the point across and gives you a satisfide feeling in the end. It may not be as long or as creepy and may not have as much creative exploration but all in all its pretty good. The jumpscares are not over the top like some games but it is enough to make you jump in your seat and it isnt the same thing over and over but as you go along and keep going back to the same place it starts to get a little old. It gets better and a bit scarier as you go along in the game which causes your heart to race as you fear whether or not you will get away in time. All and All this pretty good game and the developer has done a good job in adressing the creep factor throughout. Though not much of a story game it makes up for it in the end.






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