Johnny Reboot Needs Your Help

Recently, we here at Reconnect Revolution have created a media partnership with Hollow Robot, the indie development company behind the game Johnny Reboot. This is an amazing opportunity for us to get out there and make relationships with people actually in the Indie gaming business – further than we already have.

Xeno Concept Art

This is no ordinary thing for us to do, but we honestly believe in the game; it is simply beautiful. The game itself features a character with a severe mental condition called Agoraphobia; this condition relates to the fear of open spaces. This is extremely hard to deal with and a condition that many gamers themselves face – this is why we support this project and it’s developers. They need money to get render farms – currently it is taking them 72 hours to render their cinematics, which is way too much for a fast developing game. Support for their campaign is greatly appreciated.

GoFundMe Campaign:

As the video mentions, there are other ways to help out the campaign, aside from money. Here is a run-down of the people they need:
– Programmers
– 3D Environment Modeller
– 3D Character Modeller
– 3D Animator
– Texture Artist
– Environmental Concept Artist
– Level Designer
– Storyboard Artist
– Sound Effects Designer

Warehouse 2

In the future, you will be sure to see more about this game on the blog so stay tuned! Now I will just give you a run-down of the whole game from what we know:

“The game will feature brand-new mechanics that takes inspiration from a real life condition known as Agoraphobia which will allow players with the condition or similar ones to relate with the games characters, complimenting the compelling story that comes with it. Not only that, those who are unaware of Agoraphobia will become aware of how real it is by playing. Johnny Reboot™ is being designed around an Agoraphobic patient’s experience in mind who is also the game’s original creator. This allows us to interpret the game’s core mechanic and exaggerate the real life effects of Agoraphobia so that players who have been unaware of the condition can see what it is like.

“Johnny Reboot™ is a great opportunity to spread awareness of Agoraphobia to the mass of gamers out there through a beautiful piece of art on Indie Game platforms. It is a game that is not only for entertainment, but is going toward a great cause.

“Johnny Reboot™ is a great opportunity to continue the retro style of the 2.5D Side Scrollers genre and continue to innovate it. It is a style that has been taken for granted and there is much more to explore. Such as implementing high quality cinematics into the game and of course brand-new mechanics.

Website: “


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