Sector Six Review

Right from the start it seemed like a really good retro game if you don’t count in the way too loud noise when the game opens (lower the volume please). I played the tutorial level and noticed a game breaking bug right after the level ended. It took me to the main menu I think but I wasn’t able to press any buttons. The only button it let me click was the “save” button. Every other didn’t work. Restarted the game and still didn’t work. This time I chose the play without tutorial. Tried to play it but was quite hard I have to say. Tried four time failed four times. All this happened in a half an hour.

Sector Six 0.3.0

Thirty minutes of playtime proved that the game isn’t terrible in theory – although the outcome was disappointing. The graphics can be described by no other word than ‘cool’, in the most old-school way possible. The soundtrack is awesome; the score in this game fits it perfectly. In conjunction with the very old-school graphics and score, the gameplay is also challenging – this is to the standard of other hard-core games and will be enjoyed by those who play games that are similar. There are lots of different enemies in the game which makes it a very comprehensive experience, yet it is still simple to understand it is, in all its essence, brainless in the most well-put way there is.

Sector Six 0.3.0

Although the gameplay does have its positives and its quirks – they can also be their undoing. The hard-core gaming style makes the gameplay a little too challenging and extremely hard for those casual gamers. There were too many bugs in the game, it overclocked my CPU due to its poor optimization and crashed several times. After the tutorial (which I thoroughly enjoyed) the game went downhill, the control over my character changed and some previously working buttons did not complete their original function. Along with the bugs, the gameplay was extremely repetitive; all in all rendering the game only playable

Sector Six 0.3.0


3 thoughts on “Sector Six Review

  1. Zuurix says:

    Thank you, you’ve found the game breaking bug!
    If you press save button, you are taken to spaceship editor, that you cannot use yet and you cannot press any buttons.

    I forgot to make spaceship button the only clickable button in that part of tutorial. You must have clicked every button, except spaceship, that you had to press…

    I am going to reduce the difficulty.
    I wasn’t aiming for an easy game, but I am starting to realize it’s bit too hard for new players!

    Don’t say it’s disappointing, I haven’t finished making the game yet!

    What do you call old-school graphics? This is minimalistic silhouette art style.
    I don’t really play retro games, but I don’t think my game is retro game…

    You are correct, currently gameplay is brainless! But I am going to work on better gameplay. Enemies will learn many different attacks, abilities will no longer fire just straight, there will be fusion abilities, abilities will have cooldowns, so player will be forced to use many different abilities, etc.

    You said:
    “There were too many bugs in the game, it overclocked my CPU due to its poor optimization and crashed several times.”
    I don’t understand, these several crashes happened during those 30 minutes you played?
    Would be really nice if you tell me what exactly crash message said.
    There could be crashes, because I have just released new version.

    Tutorial has that single bug, apparently, but the rest should be bug clean, I have tested over hundred times!

    Overclocked your CPU? Does that means it was lagging? I’m developing Sector Six on pretty strong computer and haven’t noticed lag, except maybe when lots of enemies explode filling screen with particles, which can be fixed.

    “After the tutorial (which I thoroughly enjoyed) the game went downhill, the control over my character changed and some previously working buttons did not complete their original function.”

    What? Didn’t you said you couldn’t complete the tutorial?
    Previously working buttons did not complete their original function? I don’t understand?
    I can only imagine one situation where buttons stop working. In tutorial you’ve been told that Q button repairs spaceship. It only does that if you have alloy on your container. Tutorial also told you how to refill container to be able to use it again. The rest should work just like described in tutorial!

    I really hope you will reply, because you should have had pleasing experience, even with boring combat. I really don’t understand what happened. Maybe your computer is old or you aren’t playing on Window operating system?


  2. LayndR says:

    Some things in your reply are false and some of the things that you claim I said are wrong too.

    Just gonna leave it there for this time. Game has very high potential to be “good”. “good” because it’s already but needs some fixes. Best of luck to your with the development, would like to play the finished version too and review that if possible.

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    1. Zuurix says:

      Okay, forget what I said. I’m slightly confused.
      But could you just tell me at what places the game crashed and what were the bugs you encountered? I really cannot fix game if I don’t know what problems you had.

      If you can’t remember, it’s OK =]
      Thanks for playing!


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