Emily Wants To Play Review

Emily is bored and she just found a friend to play with. The title screen shows a chair sitting flickering light. When the light goes out and comes back on, you see three figures sitting around the chair with their heads hanging down. The title screen shows four options; Continue, New Game, Settings, and Quit. In this new horror game, you play as a pizza delivery boy. You enter a house with boxes strewn everywhere and announce that the pizza has arrived when the door closes behind you. A pale figure appears for a split second in front of the door then it disappears again. Now, you must roam around the house to find out what’s going on.

As you explore the house, you find strange things. You find a series of notes that display messages such as “I think she wants to kill me” and “I just want to play J”. You find these all around the house. You also find a series of recordings. These play the voice of a woman who is clearly under a lot of stress. She says that the cause of her stress is her daughter, Emily. While in a bedroom, you walk past a TV which turns on. The news talks about a couple who was killed in their home. You also can click on the some of the boxes strewn everywhere, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

There are three other characters in the house with you. One of them is a small, puppet-like creature with a suit. I first noticed him sitting on the kitchen counter. The second one is a small clown. Because why not? I first saw him when I started the game. I headed to the far left to the open room and found him sitting up against a cabinet. Regardless of where you first see them, when you turn away, they laugh and when you look back at them, they’re gone. The clowns laugh is a low, evil laugh. The suited puppet’s laugh is a high-pitched cackle. The third character is a small, pale little girl who wears a black dress. When I first see her, she was sitting in a chair in the corner of her bedroom. Rather than having you turn away, once you get close enough to her, she turns her head quickly towards you and the lights cut off. You, then, pick up the flashlight and continue the game.

You continue wondering and reading notes around the house with only the light of the flashlight to guide you. After every five to ten minutes, an old clock appears in front of your face with the sound of a clock chiming. Every time the clock does this, it shows that it’s been one hour. After you see the figures, they begin to stalk you around the house. Whenever you turn a corner, there seems to either be the opening or closing of a door in front of you. They also start following close behind you. When they are behind you, they will give their own different laugh. When you turn around, you will see them behind you, but they will remain motionless. They will only move when you look away. If you keep your eyes on them, they will disappear after about ten seconds. If they get close enough to you, they will jump at your face and let out a terrifying scream. You will then be sent to the main title screen.

When you enter one room, you will a white figure crawling along the floor to the back of the room. This figure closely resembles the figure you saw at the start when the door closes behind you. You follow it to the back and you notice a large hole in the floor. When you go down there, however, the figure will run at you and scream. She will kill you just like the others will. There is also a door in the room with the hole in the floor, but you can’t access it.

Personally, I enjoy playing this game. I had to look up a tutorial because I didn’t get some things, but when I watched the video, I started to understand. I thought the game seemed incomplete because I didn’t know what to do. The game also runs well and I like the controls. It’s just hard to move around when you keep hitting boxes. I feel like this game relies a little too heavily on jump-scares and moving doors. At the start, they were terrifying, but every time I turn around another door closes or opens. Also, in the bedroom where you find the note that says “I think they want to kill me”, there is a door that opens. It leads to a closet with nothing in it. Every time I enter that room, the door opens as if I need to go there, but nothing happens. Despite those little things, I really like the game. I’m still having a hard time figuring out what the goal to the game is, though.


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