Office Battle Review

Black Lime Studio brings us an action, indie game that pits employees against each other in a battle for their jobs! Now, lets just jump into this; firstly, the game took me a while to install, but I have to say all in all that it was worth it! The game seems like a perfect time killer. I say a time killer because the gameplay to me feels like a hack & slash, which is both a good and a bad thing; gets boring fast but is intensive and easy.

The game concept is very good; having a very high potential and that’s why I do not understand that it’s only one dollar. The game seems so high quality it could easily be more expensive. I played the game for some time and these my first impressions; I am sure to play it a whole lot more.

Unfortunately, I did find some minor “bugs” right from the start, but that affect the gameplay – even the movement part. The downside to the movement is that you cannot slide on walls; which makes the movement very sketchy, making hard to go into rooms because of this because props and rag dolls can block your movement easily. I didn’t find anything that actually broke the game in any way. I even checked if I could change some values with Cheat Engine and that didn’t work either.

The gameplay was really addictive and the music was extremely easy to listen to. The sound and voice effects were very good and the levelling up system was extremely well thought out. The interface and main menu were very nice, clean and easy to look at; the addition of really cool, unique items to the game just made it for me. But yeah, the movement is sketchy and unfortunately, sometimes there is just too many enemies on the screen at the same time – again, not game-breaking bugs, but maybe a little improvement needs to be made.

Overall, the game is absolutely amazing; despite a few minor bugs. This is very much worth the dollar it costs to buy, so get on steam and pick up your copy now!


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