History in Letters – The Eternal Alchemist Review: Part 1

I have always had a thing for these puzzle games. So, when I saw the trailer for History in Letters – The Eternal Alchemist, I instantly jumped to the install button. Z-Software introduces us to a world that starts like most game worlds do; with a title screen; in which shows five options; New Game, Road, Credits, Settings, and Quit. You begin as Remy Chaveau, a doctor who meets a shy, young man. He gives you a very treasured item; his grandfather’s old diary. In it is a bunch of disorganized, confusing writing. You discover that it’s a bunch of secret codes having to do Nicholas Flamel. You then embark on your quest to discover the secrets of the book.You travel around the city to places such as Your Office, the Library, and the Café to search for information. Every place you go, you see this woman labeled Unfamiliar Woman. Nothing happens when you click on her, though.

Personally, I don’t exactly like this game for three reasons. The first reason is because the dialogue points are so long. The game has the text on screen long enough for the slower readers. That was fine at the start and I actually thought it was a nice idea. However, it gets really annoying when you have to wait for ten to twenty seconds between each piece of dialogue when you read it in five seconds. I only found out an hour after I started the game that you can make it go faster by clicking the screen when you finish reading it. The second thing I dislike is that the loading time is even longer. I keep having to wait from thirty seconds to a minute before it’s done loading. The worst part is that it seems to go on longer when you go to a place that you’ve already been to than a place you haven’t.

The third reason I don’t like this game is also the reason why I don’t have much to say about it. I hate the part where you meet a construction worker who won’t let you past him until you get him a sandwich and a book. I managed to find the sandwich, but I have no idea where to find the book. I look everywhere I can possibly go with no luck. I even went to the Library to try and go to any other row of books to find one, but the only one you can get to is the one with three accessible books on Nicholas Flamel. There is a book that sits on the librarian’s desk that you can pick up, but when you try to give it to the construction worker, Remy says that the book seems to have some secrets in it and it disappears from your inventory. When I try to click on the construction worker to see if it gave the book to him, it does nothing but have him say “What are you looking at?”. I haven’t gotten any farther into the game than that.

Stay tuned here at Reconnect Revolution for Part 2 Review; featuring the parts of the game yet unexplored. Ummm…. as soon as we figure out how to explore them 🙂


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