Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist Review

From the creator that brought us The Stanley Parable, comes a new game that has almost nothing to do with the title. The title screen shows three options; Start Game, Settings, and Quit. When starting the game, tips start flashing onscreen. These include tips like “Use W A S D to move and Left Click to interact” and “Whether or not a car is on fire has no effect on its jump distance”. You start in a small room with two closed doors. You overhear a man talking to someone else about a game starting. After roaming around the room for a minute, you click on the button labeled “press for entry”. When you press it, the man tells everyone to stop, informing them that someone is at the door.

You never see the man, you just hear his voice talking to you. When he notices you, he starts by saying how awkward the situation is. He informs you that you can’t play the game at the moment as someone else is currently playing it. He says that this is always happening while someone is playing, so he tries to call someone for help. The phone in your room rings, but he doesn’t notice it. When you try to click on it, it forces you to hang up. The guy says that he hung up and tries again, but the same thing happens. He then says that while you are waiting for your turn to play the game he needs your help.
He takes you through a room which leads backstage. He says that most of the team leading the game has left. He needs you to help with some of the aspects of the game that the other player is playing. You start by turning on the lights to the mansion. He then leads through to the Weather Room. He instructs you to turn the valve on the pipe to have it rain on the set. After doing so, you must press the lightning and thunder button. This one takes a minute to turn on, but it works. He takes you to the Wildlife Room which contains a metal box that shakes around. You hear a roar and growling from within. The man informs you that there is a tiger in the box. He needs you to flip the switch to release the tiger, then press the red button to have the crew come to work with the tiger. You are then instructed to stand behind the wall that the player is about to encounter, and flip the lever when he presses the button.

However, the player stops in front of the button and does nothing. The guy talking to you gets worried that the player might have heard you both. Then, he presses the button, then you flip the lever and he calms back down. You are then instructed to head back to the start room through the staircase on the left. You head toward the staircase and start going up, but when you get to the top, the staircase collapses from underneath you. You fall all the way back to the Weather Room. After making sure you’re ok, the guy informs you that the only way back to the start from there is through the Miscellaneous Room (it was labeled differently, but I don’t know what it was. I just know it had Miscellaneous in the label, so that’s what I called it).

Before, leading you through, he tells you that you normally have to go through some training before entering the room, but he has a manual, so you should be ok. He leads you through the door and up the stairs to the many panels at the top with blinking lights and a keypad. He tells you that you need to press some numbers on it. He recites some numbers to you, but whenever you press a button, it turns out it was wrong. After a while, the keypad starts sparking when you press a button. Soon, one of the three phones in the room starts ringing. He asks you to answer it, but whenever you click on it to answer, it always makes you hang up. There is no way to answer the phones. After a little bit, he directs your attention to a fire below you, saying that none of this room should be on fire.

He directs you to a blue board with blinking blue signs. One of the signs is not blinking; the one labeled Downpour. He tells you to pull the lever on the right side of the keypad when the sign lights up. Before it lights up, the power goes out. Then it light up and you pull the lever. Water pours from the ceiling, extinguishing the fire below you. You are then told that the player has finished playing the game and that you can go. You find your way back to the start room and the giant door opens. When you step through he asks you to wait for him to turn on the lights. The door closes behind you and you see nothing but darkness. You hear that another player has just joined the game. The guy gets frustrated, saying that he can’t do all that again. He starts to say to the new player what he told to you, but the player doesn’t seem to want to listen. He finds his way into the Wildlife Room, and the guy tries to stop him. He warns him that there is a tiger in the box, but he doesn’t listen. He releases the tiger into the room you are in. You then hear nothing but the growling of the tiger. The game ends with the sound of a tiger attacking you.

I, personally, love this game a lot. It runs very well on the best graphics. It’s very unique from any other game I’ve played. The only thing I don’t like is that I wish there was an option to answer the phones. I wanted to hear what whoever was there was saying. I also didn’t like that it was so short. I expected it to be a little bit longer. Other than those two things, I’d have to say that this is a very good game.


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