RPG Maker MV – School of Horror

So recently I asked the famous studio behind RPG Maker MV if I could have a copy of their software for review purposes. This was a big step for us, we have never approached a software developer, or a developer with such an expensive product. By the next day I had received my copy and began learning how to use the software. I made a few environments with different themes to them, one aspect they had in common was a horror theme.
I decided to make a game – we are a review company and we are expanding into the game market. No better way to show off a product than by using it to make what the product was used to make. The game is set in an old boarding school, I cannot disclose the whole plot yet but it is going to be a big project and it is making me get a whole new team of people for Reconnect just for the game development stages. It is looking amazing and we would like to show you some of the first gameplay:


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