RPG Maker MV – School of Horror

So recently I asked the famous studio behind RPG Maker MV if I could have a copy of their software for review purposes. This was a big step for us, we have never approached a software developer, or a developer with such an expensive product. By the next day I had received my copy and began learning how to use the software. I made a few environments with different themes to them, one aspect they had in common was a horror theme.


Wick Review

What starts as a fun little game turns into a living nightmare. Wick starts with a group of camping teenagers. You are amongst them and for some reason, you are wearing a blindfold. They tell the story of how a bunch of kids were caught in a house fire, but were never found afterwards. The kids currently haunt the forest that you are in. You are told to survive the night until six o’clock. When the game starts, you remove your blindfold. You find yourself in the middle of the forest with a candle sitting on the ground in front of you. You pick it up and start walking through the forest.

Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist Review

From the creator that brought us The Stanley Parable, comes a new game that has almost nothing to do with the title. The title screen shows three options; Start Game, Settings, and Quit. When starting the game, tips start flashing onscreen. These include tips like “Use W A S D to move and Left Click to interact” and “Whether or not a car is on fire has no effect on its jump distance”. You start in a small room with two closed doors. You overhear a man talking to someone else about a game starting. After roaming around the room for a minute, you click on the button labeled “press for entry”. When you press it, the man tells everyone to stop, informing them that someone is at the door.

History in Letters – The Eternal Alchemist Review: Part 1

I have always had a thing for these puzzle games. So, when I saw the trailer for History in Letters – The Eternal Alchemist, I instantly jumped to the install button. Z-Software introduces us to a world that starts like most game worlds do; with a title screen; in which shows five options; New Game, Road, Credits, Settings, and Quit. You begin as Remy Chaveau, a doctor who meets a shy, young man. He gives you a very treasured item; his grandfather’s old diary. In it is a bunch of disorganized, confusing writing. You discover that it’s a bunch of secret codes having to do Nicholas Flamel. You then embark on your quest to discover the secrets of the book.You travel around the city to places such as Your Office, the Library, and the Café to search for information. Every place you go, you see this woman labeled Unfamiliar Woman. Nothing happens when you click on her, though.

Office Battle Review

Black Lime Studio brings us an action, indie game that pits employees against each other in a battle for their jobs! Now, lets just jump into this; firstly, the game took me a while to install, but I have to say all in all that it was worth it! The game seems like a perfect time killer. I say a time killer because the gameplay to me feels like a hack & slash, which is both a good and a bad thing; gets boring fast but is intensive and easy.

Emily Wants To Play Review

Emily is bored and she just found a friend to play with. The title screen shows a chair sitting flickering light. When the light goes out and comes back on, you see three figures sitting around the chair with their heads hanging down. The title screen shows four options; Continue, New Game, Settings, and Quit. In this new horror game, you play as a pizza delivery boy. You enter a house with boxes strewn everywhere and announce that the pizza has arrived when the door closes behind you. A pale figure appears for a split second in front of the door then it disappears again. Now, you must roam around the house to find out what’s going on.

Sector Six Review

Right from the start it seemed like a really good retro game if you don’t count in the way too loud noise when the game opens (lower the volume please). I played the tutorial level and noticed a game breaking bug right after the level ended. It took me to the main menu I think but I wasn’t able to press any buttons. The only button it let me click was the “save” button. Every other didn’t work. Restarted the game and still didn’t work. This time I chose the play without tutorial. Tried to play it but was quite hard I have to say. Tried four time failed four times. All this happened in a half an hour.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

Basically, this game’s amazing. I enjoy it and I find it fun to play for hours on end. The game’s not a WoW clone or an Everquest clone – you may as well say that about every MMO if you’re going to say SW:TOR is. I completely and thoroughly enjoyed it and felt I got my money out of it. I recommend watching YouTube videos, playing in the free to play mode for a bit, and watching Twitch streams to get the feel for whether or not you truly want this game to be on your 2015 Christmas list.

HackNet Review

For the large part of the population, playing around in terminal is not really the pass time that people have in mind. HackNet brings a new perspective on all of that, by telling the story of a recently deceased hacker who went by the name ‘Bit’. The entire game is a simulated hacker environment and Team Fractal Alligator have really put a lot of thought into both the realism of it all and the feel of the genuine ‘hacker experience’.