Gear Up Review

Gear Up! A multiplayer robot battle arena. Free to play and tons of fun!
Done by 1XTRA Mouse and Monkey from the ChromosomeCrew for the gaming blog Reconnect Revolution.


Office Battle Review

Black Lime Studio brings us an action, indie game that pits employees against each other in a battle for their jobs! Now, lets just jump into this; firstly, the game took me a while to install, but I have to say all in all that it was worth it! The game seems like a perfect time killer. I say a time killer because the gameplay to me feels like a hack & slash, which is both a good and a bad thing; gets boring fast but is intensive and easy.

Emily Wants To Play Review

Emily is bored and she just found a friend to play with. The title screen shows a chair sitting flickering light. When the light goes out and comes back on, you see three figures sitting around the chair with their heads hanging down. The title screen shows four options; Continue, New Game, Settings, and Quit. In this new horror game, you play as a pizza delivery boy. You enter a house with boxes strewn everywhere and announce that the pizza has arrived when the door closes behind you. A pale figure appears for a split second in front of the door then it disappears again. Now, you must roam around the house to find out what’s going on.

Fallen Heart Review

Personally, I like the game, however, I think it’s a little too much like the game, Flappy Bird. It’s an addictive, infinite running game that seems simplistic but is a bit harder than it looks. Despite this, it isn’t as frustrating knowing that the game is still in development. The game also runs very well. There is hardly any lag. The ghostly creature you play as feels good to play as, too. It feels like you’re flying around really fast as a ghost. All in all, I think it’s an awesome game. It’s the great combination of simplicity and complexity.

At the Mountains of Madness Alpha Game Review

At the Mountains of Madness is a new and terrifying, indie adventure game by Team Clockworks. As the debut game for this studio – I have to say that I cannot be more impressed with how it has turned out. The team gave me access to a very early alpha version of the game; just before the release of their more stable beta version – to create that little bit of anticipation.

The Elder Scrolls: Online

You hear a lot when people talk about The Elder Scrolls Online; some people love it and some people absolutely hate it. I for one am in love with the Elder Scrolls series and jumped at the opportunity to buy the game – even though it has been years since release; I was just a little late to the party.